Beyond deployment for long-term success                                                                                                                       CITACOM systems is committed to being your long-term partner for the success of your business.Deployment doesn't end with flipping the "on" switch. Our installation professionals will train your staff on the newly installed technology to ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running, helping you make the most of your investment. If desired, we will also de-install and dispose of your old equipment as part of the deployment process.

Count on CITACOM Systems as your long-term partner who has the solutions to meet your business needs both now and as your business evolves. We help our clients around the country improve their customer interactions, implement change quickly and proactively, and transform their businesses to become leaders and change agents. We can help you, too.

CITACOM Systems provides maintenance services through our technical guidelines and closely monitoring of deployed Equipments, our branches service and install systems quickly and accurately in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and maintenance guideline.

Complementary services

CITACOM Systems Retail Service offers a full portfolio of services to meet your needs, such as:

      * Sun Microsystems                                                                                 * Consultative Services

      * DataCard Systems                                                                                * Troubleshooting

      * Regular and preventive inspection                                                        * MICA Systems

      * Software Management and Deployment                                                 * Triton Connect Support

      * Maintenance of parts supply                                                                 

      * Help Desk Management. 



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